Residential Services

Getwired Networks has strived to provide our residential customers with solutions from trusted IT technicians. We use technology as often as you and we also want to ensure that our devices are protected, running as quickly as possible, and function for as long as possible.

We understand that the internet can be overwhelming with information and programs that can do harm to your computer as well as enrich your life. The IT Pro's at Getwired Networks want to help you and your family with all "Tech" related questions or problems. Our goal is to gain your trust with all the uncertainties that can arise in the digital age we live in. Having trouble deciding which wireless router to use or if it is time to upgrade to Windows 8.1? Getwired Networks can help! The IT Pros are ready to help you decide on what devices you need and which devices to avoid. Getwired Networks wants to make sure you are satisfied with our service that we offer all of our residential customers FREE DIAGNOSTICS on any device that may have hardware damaged or corrupt software. Let us find out what exactly is the problem. We then follow up with the best option and price for the service that will resolve the issue and get your computer running again.

Digital Green Thumb

Getwired Networks offers a FREE electronics recycling service to all of our residential customers who drop off used or damaged electronics such as laptop batteries, broken Laptops, Desktops and all of their internals. We kindly ask that everyone properly dispose of used electronics and take advantage of our FREE service which abides by guidelines from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Help us extend our partnership with a local E-Steward and help Getwired Networks become certified as well.

Computer Repair

We know the feeling when you buy a new computer and you unintentionally introduce a virus when you were only wanting to get a program that would print coupons or gift cards. The sad news is that hackers package or infect these 3rd party applications with malware which is aimed at stealing your senstitive information. Two weeks later the computer stops being as quick and responsive as the day you bought it and worst case scenario, crashes.

Let Getwired Networks help you resolve this issue with a little "DARP".

  • D- Diagnose. Getwired Networks find out what is causing the problem. Our IT Pros will find out the root cause is, which in most cases is fairly inexpensive to repair.
  • A- Assess. Getwired Networks will determine if other pieces of software or hardware are also contributing to the problem. We also give you a fair price prior to repairing the issue so that you can make an informed decision.
  • R- Repair. Once our IT Pros receive approval we can have most issues resolved in as little as 1 hour.
  • P- Prevention. Our Knowledgeable IT Pros will provide our customers with information on keeping their computer safe. We also offer our customers the option to join our Residential Managed PC Program.

Smart Device Repair

Cracked Screen? Water Damage? Tired of your boring case color?

We can fix it!

Tablets, Ipods, Smart Phones.

We can repair various phones at competitive prices with the following Operating Systems: Windows, Android, iOS. Check out our competitive prices HERE!